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A farming simulator/RPG with a nod to the classic Harvest Moon series. Grow crops, raise livestock, build relationships, go on adventures, and more!

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About Farm Folks

After washing ashore on Softshoal Island, you are given a chance at a new life. A plot of land awaits your green thumb to transform it into a booming farm, and a new world beckons you to explore its secrets.

Farm Folks offers a delightful mix of RPG and farming mechanics, giving you the freedom to get lost in the world while you build a farm from the ground up. There are many friends to be made, many crops and animals to tend, and a whole island to discover. What are you waiting for?


It wouldn’t be much of a farming simulator without farming, would it? Farm Folks features the time-tested farming mechanic in which players can purchase or forage seeds and begin to grow their farm into a bountiful and rewarding resource.

it's our goal to introduce somewhere around 60 juicy crops for our players to rake in that sweet, sweet digital profit. Crops and other grow-ables will be divided into 4 categories - spring, summer, fall, and winter. This means certain crops can only be grown in specific times of the year, read more on farming below.

Animals are an important part of any world, giving the land life and personality. Plus, they're just dang cute! The animals and critters of Farm Folks are a big part of our game, and we want to make sure that the player feels a strong bond with their pets and livestock.

Otto, the local fisherman of Port Meridia, would call it a crime if you couldn't bait your rod and cast it to the blue in a place like this! Fishing is one of the most relaxing activities in Softshoal, and a popular pastime in Port Meridia thanks to the surrounding seas and rivers.

Expanded Farming

All crops need basic care, but they'll need special attention to produce the best yield. You'll need to learn which type of fertilizer and water each crop loves best. Some crops grant special bonuses to others around them, adding an element of strategy to crop composition and farm layout.

Explore Softshoal Island

There’s beauty and intrigue to be found in every corner of Softshoal Island. It's a compelling place that calls the player ever further into its woodland groves, long beaches, and dangerous caves. As you explore, you’ll see things that you’ll never forget and experience adventures worth re-telling.

And where better to relay your stories of green-thumbed heroism than back in Port Meridia? This fair-sized town has plenty of places to kick back and enjoy a day away from the farm, but it’s also home to the many festivals that you don’t want to miss!

System Requirements:

  • Genre:

  • Adventure | Indie
  • Languages:

  • English
  • Released:

  • In Development
  • Works on:

  • Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 10
  • Rating:

  • Not Yet Rated
  • Minimum system requirements:

  • Windows 7+ / 8.1 / 10 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel i3 Processor
  • Memory: 6 GB
  • Graphics: ATI 5770, Nvidia GeForce GTX 460
  • Hard-drive: 5 GB available space
  • DirectX: Version 10


Farm Folks Dev Blog - Happy Holidays!

Howdy everyone! Welcome back to another dev blog. 

In the last dev blog, we mentioned we’d have a better understanding for our release plans towards the end of this month. Now we’re not in a position to give a definitive date just yet, however we can say that we will be opening the next build up to both alpha AND beta backers as soon as it’s ready - this will include steam keys (multiple keys to those who purchased multiple copies via Kickstarter)

The first release on Steam won’t be purchasable to the public on our steam page right away. In order to gain access, you’ll need to be an existing owner of the game, a Kickstarter backer or you’ll need to purchase the game over on the Crytivo store page and we’ll send you a notification when this next build is ready.

Being deployable on Steam means we may not be too far off a public early access on Steam, we do plan on doing so in the near future, but before that happens we’ll be interacting with all of you alpha/beta players over on the Farm Folks Discord To help us catch pesky bugs, get a sneak at upcoming content as it becomes available, and provide us with much needed feedback to make the game everyone wants.

So here are some of the things each of us have been working on throughout the holidays since our last post:

Howdy everyone! At the moment I've been working on adding wild animals to Softshoal Island! 

These animals will roam around and flee from the player when approached, unless you can manage to tame them and win them over ;). Functionally, they are similar to farm yard animals, they will graze for food, seek shelter from the weather etc, but they won't drop items or lose/gain happiness until you've managed to tame them.

I've also given our crafting systems a bit of TLC - and added a new type of farm yard construction - Generators! Generators will create items automatically on their own. Think Beehives and things of that nature. We've also added heaps of recipes/items/craftables - of which Mitch has made more than a few.

Happy holidays everybody! 

This week I've been working on some of the winter theme music for Farm Folks seeing as its that time of the year currently. So be ready to enjoy the soothing music of winter that is both relaxing but with a strong enough pulse to keep up the momentum of the game. Expect to hear some rustic flute, violin, fretless bass, all on top of a subtle jazz fusion sound and groove.

(Listen to a preview here:

I also have been working on fixing some issues with weight painting on the character so that the model deforms much nicer when animating. As you can see in the picture it can be a tedious process.

I've been going through and making some color variations on the existing clothes in game, right now the outfits are very simple and basic. I wanted to start basic so that it's easier to make changes if needed until I have 100% down the artistic process. I've also started working on the test map some, which might end up becoming the new version of Softshoal over time.

Lastly, I started the task of creating a new hairstyle. I have the back of the hair looking decent enough, but the front still needs work before I can get to texturing.

Hello everyone and happy holidays to you all!

I’ve been plugging away at some art since our last post, those of you on the discord would have seen the stump I made recently:

This stump makes up part of the clutter that you players will need to clear away in order to make use of your entire farm. Another new piece of clutter is this big ol’ log: 

I’ll be working on a lot more clutter throughout January, more than likely along the lines of tree roots, bushes, rocks and so on. 

As Ethan mentioned in our last dev blog, we’re working on new placeable items for both function and decoration. These items/objects will be things like tables, wine casks, mayonnaise makers, cheese presses, furnaces and more. Take a look at the newest addition, a 3x1 planter: 

You’ll be able to place these planters pretty much anywhere and grow whatever you’d like, even indoors.

Another new placeable is a basic clay furnace, I’m sure you can guess what it might be used for take a look:

Thank you for checking it this dev blog, we know it wasn’t a huge one but we blame that on the recent festivities of the holidays! Be sure to drop by the Discord community and say hi, we just passed 1500 members and it seems to be growing faster than ever.

Until next time everyone, happy farming!

Don’t forget to wishlist Farm Folks on Steam so you’ll be notified when it’s ready to play!