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You have roamed the primal wilds. Now, it is time for you to build a village that will stand for generations. Join up with your friends to create a thriving community. Discover crops, befriend animals, unlock technologies, farm, participate in festivals, and find love to grow your legacy.

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You have roamed the primal wilds. Now, it is time for you to settle down and build a village that will stand for generations. Join up with your friends to create a thriving community and develop the technologies that changed the ancient world. Discover crops, befriend animals, become the first farmer, participate in festivals, and find love to grow your legacy.

Tune Into Nature

Tune Into Nature

Discover, gather, and farm vegetables and herbs. Explore the surrounding wilderness to find animals to befriend and domesticate; fish the shallow and deep waters to see what lies in their depths; and mine the darkest caves filled with mysteries and secret powers.

Geto to Know the Clan

A tight-knit community of people will ensure your villageโ€™s survival, each with their own fears and dreams. Develop friendships and overcome hardships together. Grow your village by inviting people from other clans to live with you. Participate in primitive festivals and rituals to Pacha, mother nature, and her elements. And when the time comes, find your true love โค.

Tune Into Nature


Tune Into Nature

Begin your journey of discovery as you develop the tools and ideas that reshaped the primitive world. Learn to process and preserve food (meat, vegetarian, and vegan options), begin metalworking, create beautiful pottery and art, unlock your clanโ€™s spirituality, and invent new buildings to expand your village any way you want.

Play with Friends

The game was developed from scratch with multiplayer support in mind. Live together with friends and share your talents and resources to help the clan evolve. Ride your favorite animals together. Compete in fishing, have fun at festivals, and participate in milestone multiplayer cutscenes.

Tune Into Nature

Make it Yours

Tune Into Nature

Customize your characterโ€™s appearance with the best cosmetics the stone age has to offer. When youโ€™re done working on your face, work on creating the most amazing farm around. Donโ€™t stop there! Design, place, and decorate your own unique home to return to after a hard dayโ€™s work.

System Requirements:

  • Genre:

  • Simulation | Indie | RPG
  • Languages:

  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Released:

  • Coming Soon
  • Works on:

  • Windows 7 or greater
  • Rating:

  • Not Yet Rated
  • Minimum system requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 or greater
  • Processor: Intel core i5, 1.5 GHz and up
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512 Mb dedicated video card, shader model 3.0+
  • Hard-drive: 600 MB available space
  • DirectX: Version 10

Devlog 15.2: ๐Ÿ‚ Fall in love with music

Hello Clan! Lots has been going on in Roots of Pacha. Our walkthrough trailer was included in Gamescom Awesome Indies and we streamed the latest Alpha update with Sharky and decided "The Battle of Playing Instruments! It was so close! The Mammoths fought hard but end the end the Cave Lions leapt to stardom. We raffled 3 alpha access codes, and the winners are JennyBand and Etrigan from Team Cave Lion, and farahmandpour from Team Mammoth! Congrats and thanks for playing!

You can check out all we’ve been up to below.


Falling leaves and new colors adds another layer of life to our expanding world. Just one more season to go!


Music is one way the Clan connects to Pacha and all her creations. At this festival, Carnival, you can chat with the community, dance, hear a story, and there’s even a little friendly competition to see who can perform the best! 

Tools & Animals go outside!

We love our animals and they can now hang out outside! They will come out of the shed in the day to enjoy the sun.

We’ve also spent time working on new tools and how they will be upgraded in the game.


Animal companions have brought us joy for over 10,000 years and now we can pet and have them follow us in Roots of Pacha as well!


As the temperature cools in the Land Between Two Rivers we expanded the Known Lands to include the Beach. You’ll find wild coconuts, dates, sea kale, and more!


We implemented a Tools Station, which will expand what Acre can make for you and the clan. And added a Plant Nursery that allows you to propagate seeds. 

You can read more about the new ideas here.

What’s next

We’re going to focus on winter and deepening the story of the Pachans and the surrounding Clans.

Alpha 0.4.0 Mammoth - Changelog


  • Fall season in all current regions including map and music.
  • Beach region and path unlock.
  • Expand The Land Between Two Rivers.
  • Mammoths in savanna.
  • Baby mammoths can become pets and follow you around.
  • Pet baby mammoth 🐘
  • Plant Nursery Idea & building.
  • Plant Nursery mechanic to propagate plants with a certain knowledge level.
  • Obsidian tools Idea.
  • Tools station building to develop new tools.
  • Implemented area of effect tools: sickle, water, hoe.
  • Carnival Festival in fall with music mini-game.
  • Parallax changes with weather and seasons.
  • Implemented falling leaves particles in fall.
  • New NPC dance animations.
  • New fish at the beach.
  • New plants for all current regions in fall.
  • New gatherables throughout the seasons and regions.
  • UI can be opened while riding now.
  • Ground surfaces sound different when walking.
  • Animals go outside their sheds.
  • Animals can be fenced.
  • Fences attach to buildings.
  • Added item quality and implemented in plants.


  • Animal overlapping and getting too close to objects.
  • “Can’t go further” dismounting player.
  • Mortar in the kitchen makes the player invisible.
  • Can place things on top of the shed.
  • Plant sprite issues.

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