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You have roamed the primal wilds. Now, it is time for you to build a village that will stand for generations. Join up with your friends to create a thriving community. Discover crops, befriend animals, unlock technologies, farm, participate in festivals, and find love to grow your legacy.

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You have roamed the primal wilds. Now, it is time for you to settle down and build a village that will stand for generations. Join up with your friends to create a thriving community and develop the technologies that changed the ancient world. Discover crops, befriend animals, become the first farmer, participate in festivals, and find love to grow your legacy.

Tune Into Nature

Tune Into Nature

Discover, gather, and farm vegetables and herbs. Explore the surrounding wilderness to find animals to befriend and domesticate; fish the shallow and deep waters to see what lies in their depths; and mine the darkest caves filled with mysteries and secret powers.

Geto to Know the Clan

A tight-knit community of people will ensure your village’s survival, each with their own fears and dreams. Develop friendships and overcome hardships together. Grow your village by inviting people from other clans to live with you. Participate in primitive festivals and rituals to Pacha, mother nature, and her elements. And when the time comes, find your true love ❤.

Tune Into Nature


Tune Into Nature

Begin your journey of discovery as you develop the tools and ideas that reshaped the primitive world. Learn to process and preserve food (meat, vegetarian, and vegan options), begin metalworking, create beautiful pottery and art, unlock your clan’s spirituality, and invent new buildings to expand your village any way you want.

Play with Friends

The game was developed from scratch with multiplayer support in mind. Live together with friends and share your talents and resources to help the clan evolve. Ride your favorite animals together. Compete in fishing, have fun at festivals, and participate in milestone multiplayer cutscenes.

Tune Into Nature

Make it Yours

Tune Into Nature

Customize your character’s appearance with the best cosmetics the stone age has to offer. When you’re done working on your face, work on creating the most amazing farm around. Don’t stop there! Design, place, and decorate your own unique home to return to after a hard day’s work.

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  • Simulation | Indie | RPG
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  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Simplified Chinese
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  • Coming Soon
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  • Windows 7 or greater
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  • Not Yet Rated
  • Minimum system requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 or greater
  • Processor: Intel core i5, 1.5 GHz and up
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 512 Mb dedicated video card, shader model 3.0+
  • Hard-drive: 600 MB available space
  • DirectX: Version 10


Devlog #6: The Clan

Life at the Land Between Two Rivers

What did our ancestors do on an everyday basis? A lot of their time was probably spent gathering provisions in the warm seasons to be able to outlast the cold ones, making pottery and weaving baskets to hold their belongings, curing meats and fermenting grains. They also built basic structures and made the tools needed for survival. As social animals, they chatted, told stories, played music and danced.

In Roots of Pacha, each NPC excels at something, like Croll being the best at building. But all of them contribute to the everyday activities of the clan. You might find Gin, the Clan’s leader, training for a hunting expedition, or Jizu gathering plants in the forest for Ada, the healer, to use.

Lucky for you that’s what I like

Oh the things we cherish and the ones we hate. We improved the gift system so that NPCs will show a different portrait depending on what you give them. And because one man's trash is another man's treasure, you’ll have to discover what they like and what they don’t.


Building takes time and sometimes a village. That’s why when the Clan decides to build something, the schedule of some NPCs change while in construction. How about some paint for that Sundial?

Mini map

To make the world more immersive, we’re trying an approach where every quest, idea or cutscene is initiated by an NPC or by a location. Spreading out the events feels more realistic, but sometimes it’s too hard to find an NPC you’re looking for, or you just want to know where your friends are. 

We’re developing a minimap per region with indications of the whereabouts of the Clan and key points of interest.

Wondering how on earth could someone know the locations of everyone?. You’ll have to develop an idea with Voda, the tracker, to use the eagles' help.

Food preservation

Without proper refrigeration, the Clan needs ways to improve food nutrition and make preserves that can last longer. Some things need a few steps to be made but the ending result is always so satisfying and is a much valuable contribution to the Clan.

Now, if we could only make some butter to go with it...

The power of fire

We’ve made improvements to the lights engine. Our goal is to add depth to some objects in the world. When you are walking through the forest, lights will illuminate the trees on top of you but not the bottom ones.

In the darkness of the night and the deepness of the caves, you need to carry a torch to see further around you. 

New plants

It all starts and ends with plants, right? If you’re in our Discord, you may have noticed our fascination for the natural world (if you’re not, join us).

We’ve changed the look of the plants when they’re in the wild, they’re usually smaller and not very nutritious. As you plant them and keep growing them, they’ll evolve into their improved versions with larger roots, fruits and seeds, brighter colors and nice scents (we’re working on how to propagate smell through the speakers, so far nothing).

We also thought plants looked a bit too far apart, and now they have a better sense of depth. 


So we have a mountain, and what animal likes mountains? Yep, goats. We researched the oldest domesticated goats and one of them is the Ibex. Without further ado:

Under the water

As we develop more locations, we’re adding fishing spots. Some of the new fish you’ll encounter at different times of days and throughout the seasons:

In-game emotes

All that hard work is fine, but we needed a way to celebrate your first successful harvest with your friends.

Dance is so ingrained in human history, it even appears in cave art. It’s used to perform ritual and religious ceremonies, as a way to connect with each other socially, and to entertain. Dance is important in Roots of Pacha too, and might even help you strengthen friendship with the Clan.


As we polish the world, we continue to add more sound effects. Have you ever heard an Ostrich?

Ostrich SFX


We’ve added more emojis with NPCs expressions, an animated gif icon and a couple of new channels where we revere mother nature and prehistoric science.

Join us


See you next time!

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