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Survive the wilderness in this Western-inspired base builder. Craft your world by placing isometric tiles, explore various biomes, and unravel the secrets of the land. But beware of the lost souls roaming the wilds.

  • Single Player
  • Windows
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About the game

  • * An isometric world made of tiles, created by the player during play.
  • * Survival systems, including crafting, cooking, hunting, fishing and more.
  • * Deep base building with lots of outdoor and indoor assets.
  • * Crops farming and gardening.
  • * A rogue-lite long-term progression system with high replayability value.
  • * A fictional universe inspired by the Wild West. Uncover the secrets of the land... and zombies!
  • * An exciting story about complex settlers and tribe conflicts, play as a young woman destined to discover who she really is.


A Survival Game with a Twist!

In contrast to other survival games, the world is not generated procedurally, you generate it yourself while you play by placing isometric tiles! Find the balance between investing your harvested resources into your own survival and reinvesting them to craft and the world around you!

Brave the Wilderness

Satisfy your basic needs: thirst, hunger, fatigue and your state of mind! Protect yourself against dangerous predators like animals, bandits or - even worse - the lost souls that are walking on earth. Preparation, wit, and a strong gumption are necessary to withstand this harsh environment.


Explore the world however you see fit and choose how the landscape of the Old West will unfold before you. When you reach the edge of a tile, you have the power to decide what’s next. Be sure to err towards tiles that naturally fit or provide bonusses for adjacent tiles, otherwise, you will find your resources scarce and survival slim.

Base Building and Farming

Invest your found resources into your own cabin and build yourself a base for defense and shelter. Create acre, sow seeds you find and harvest crops to increase your chances to survive!

Craft and Cook

Craft the tools you need from resources you have found during your journeys. Expand your base with an oven, anvil, smelter or other useful crafting equipment. Advance in leather working, cloths weaving and more professions to create the best survival supplies for your next adventure!


Corpse Creek, 1883. The darkness of the midnight sky was interrupted by bright green light, shortly after flaming stones came raining down on this otherwise quiet town. People stormed out of their homes to see what was going on. The sky was lit brightly green. After a few seconds the first of those meteorites reached the ground with a massive bang.

The people who survived the incident took their loved ones to the Corpse Creek graveyard the next day. The bodies are just underground and the local preacher Noah just spoke his last blessing words to end the ceremony when the ground started moving and a hand reached out of one of the graves.

People quickly pulled their firearms but weren't able to fight back what was attacking them - their loved ones just raised from their graves, one after another. They are not human anymore, people called them "lost souls".

System Requirements:

  • Genre:

  • Adventure | RPG | Simulation
  • Languages:

  • English
  • Released:

  • Coming Soon
  • Works on:

  • Windows 7 or greater
  • Rating:

  • Not Yet Rated
  • Minimum system requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7 or greater
  • Processor: Intel i5 or equivalent (Dual Core with Hyper-Threading)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • Storage: 2 GB available space
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card

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