Football Story - Match Results Screens and Players' Home

Hey, football fans!

Last time, we spoke about our development progress and all of the crazy things happening with the game. In this update, we’re going to be going into more depth about what to expect in terms of content.

Endgame results

Seeing as every match you play brings different challenges, you will naturally want to see how you performed compared to everyone else. For this purpose, we created a set of screens that open right after each match. The first will provide info like the final score, shots taken, team passing, and a few other stats that will help everyone get an idea of how well the team worked together and what can be improved for next time.



Next, you will see individual rewards and ratings for each player in the match. Ratings are calculated based on how actively and skillfully players fulfilled their particular roles. Up to 3 players will receive badges for outstanding performance.



Lastly, you can browse individual player stats upon which theratings are based. You will also be able to see which platform the player was playing on (Windows, iOS,  Android, Mac, etc).


In the future, we’re planning to introduce leaderboards that will rank players based on role and performance. You will also be able to view your stats by accessing albums in your room.


Room, shop, clothes


Step by step, we are adding new design elements that will improve offline play. We want to make Football Story a great experience, whether you play online or on your own. We want to account for your personal tastes while still intertwining both aspects. This can be seen as somewhat similar to how Dark Souls does its online play.

The first features you’ll see include things like the player’s own room and clothes, a shop and in-game currency system, and a marketplace. We plan to turn it into a fully-fledged story mode with a storyline, quests, AI, and dashes of online play. The game will have a plot and some smaller scale stories to explore on your own or with your friends.

If you’ve been playing the game, you’ve likely seen that players can mix and match clothing. We are expanding this to allow you to buy new cosmetic items and customize your character any way you see fit.

This is where the player’s room and shop come in. Quite simply, you can buy clothing in the shop and equip items in your room. Here’s a preview of how they can be accessed:



After a bit of thought, we decided to go with something like this for the shop (sketch):



Your character can be previewed on the left while hangers and dressers containing outfits and items will be on the right.
Due to the interior being quite zoomed in, we are required to draw clothing in a more detailed way for you to preview it properly. You can mix any clothing types you buy in your wardrobe at home.
Here are a few sketches of different camera angles we are considering for the room environment:
The first one is quite standard, similar to the city view.


The problem this view presents is with perspective: your character would be smaller as they move further and bigger as they come nearer.
The second variant has the same perspective, but with the camera zoomed in:


While this offers a good view, we wanted to add more detail.
This led to the third variant:

We did not like it, as the items seemed too flat.
So, the fourth variant came to be:



This isometric view looks great, but we unfortunately will not be able to reuse any of the assets due to other areas having a different perspective. Assets drawn for the isometric view would need to be redrawn to be used in other scenes.

However, we decided to use this view anyway as everyone agreed it looks the best. We are willing to take on the extra work to offer more diverse visuals.

Lastly, here’s a quick sketch of your wardrobe where you’ll be able to style and customize your character as you see fit. We went for the following camera angle when accessing it, but it’s still under review:


That’s it for today! Thank you for taking the time to follow along!

Next time, expect to hear about the style of music we’re going for and how it will be used throughout the game.

We are planning to run an open pre-alpha match day on June 1st on Steam and the Crytivo Store. Sign up here to get notified about all future testing opportunities!

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