Four Sided Fantasy Available Now

Four Sided Fantasy transforms your screen like never before. Take control of a man and woman who are on a journey to find one another, but seem destined never to meet. Solve the puzzles by exploring the world and navigating through the boundaries of the screen. There are four seasons of trials to overcome, with each new season requiring you to change your way of thinking. Take in all of the beauty while you put your brain to work.

Four Sided Fantasy Trailer



Here are a few extracts
from the game’s user reviews:


“This game does for 2D platforming what Portal did for 3D platforming.”

Steven Sheldrake

“Original, clever, fun. The game looks great and definitely has replay value.”

Twenty One Pilots

“It's so creative, and I love the graphics and the little screen snow that kills you if you fall in it. The animation is beautiful and the storyline is simple and sweet.”


“Absolutely beautiful as well as relaxing, but not without challenging moments. I always return to this game. The split screen style is an incredibly fun take.”


Crytivo’s Take:

“An absolute feast for the eyes and a hearty meal for the mind.”



 Crytivo’s Take

“An absolute feast for the eyes and a hearty meal for the mind”


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Weaving Tides
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