Prehistoric Kingdom: Jurassic Patch Demo is now Available

It’s here! The Jurassic Patch is the final big update to the free pre-alpha demo and we are excited to finally be able to release it!

We have to start off by apologizing for the unusually long wait: as many of you might know, we ran a stressful (but very successful, thanks to you!) Kickstarter campaign at the end of 2017. Coupled with logistical hiccups, it sure had its toll on the development process. To quote our last devlog (in reference to the patch): "It’s not quite as grandiose as we initially expected it to be, and in an ideal world we would have liked the AI to be more polished and bug free. We’ve unfortunately had to disable the saving system as its issues were plentiful, and simply were not worth continuing with in the demo."

That being said, we did add 4 new animals, as well as more buildings, decorations, and visual overhauls. As such, we firmly believe you will be having some more fun with this early version of the game while we move forward with development. We can't wait to see what you create. To share it with the community, make sure to join our discord server(hyperlink=!

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The change-log is as follows:

Several new structures:

    Added short stone fence.
    Added woven horse fence.
    Added elephant fence.
    Added high metal fence.
    Added sauropod feeder.
    Added bright herringbone path.
    Added simple asphalt path.
    Added dark asphalt path.

    Added the 8 Mediterranean trees as decorations. 

Revamped the UI graphics:

    Remade the main menu.
    Remade the new game configuration menu.
    Added additional UI colors.
    Revamped the nursery menu.
    Changed loading screen image.
    Revamped animal selection menus and functionality.
    Added time state UI.
    Revamped path icons.
    Expanded upon the building information panel.

Four new dinosaurs:

    Allosaurus fragilis.
    Stegosaurus stenops.
    Dryosaurus altus.
    Camarasaurus grandis.

New AI behaviors:
Perhaps the largest aspect of this patch is the new improved AI. As aforementioned, it's not quite as bug-free as we might have hoped, so it's hit and miss. However, when it does work as intended, it gives in for quite interesting behaviors worth witnessing.

    Animals will make herds, flocks, and packs of varying sizes depending on the species.
    Animals will now look at objects and creatures around them.
    Infants will hide behind adults during combat.
    Carnivores now hunt animals that are comparable to their own size or smaller.
    Pack hunting.
    Large carnivores can eat small babies whole.
    Herbivores will defend themselves using defensive stances, attacks, or flee.
    Threat displays.
    Injured animals will begin to limp and attempt to escape. 


    Saving system (due to issues with new features and systems).


    Terraforming now works under animals and decorations.
    Updated large palm model and texture.
    Updated small palm model and texture.
    Decreased random wait time for next track play.
    Brightened sky.
    Reduced max bloom values.
    Randomized wind turbine rotor rotation.
    Turbines auto-rotate to face wind direction.
    Increased dinosaur growth speed.
    Restore position option in vehicle depot menu is now always enabled.
    Enabled path building under structures.
    Tweaked vehicle controls responsiveness.
    Updated Brick Wall Fence.
    Updated conflicting building descriptions.
    Merged the 'Dirts' and 'Natural' path sections.
    Added pointer arrow to the water pump.
    Adjusted night and overcast graphics.
    Improved game post effects.


    Fixed Velociraptor eating and drinking.
    Option menu disappearing labels have been fixed.
    Fixed gate placement bug.
    Fixed dinosaur size jumpiness in nursery menu.
    Fixed weight issues in Tyrannosaurus eating animation.
    Fixed animation reset after pause in animals.
    Palisade fences now have their own description.
    Fixed short fence selection hitboxes.
    Fixed night time red sky shader bug.
    Nursery scale has been aligned with the animal previews.


    Optimized vehicles and depots, allowing for far more depots built at once than before.
    Optimized building state pointers.
    Optimized resource system.

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