Quick Look: Jettomero: Hero of the Universe


Available now in the Crytivo Store

Jettomero: Hero of the Universe is a stunning cosmic adventure, filled to the brim with character and joyful discovery. You play as Jettomero, a gentle giant with good intentions but an unfortunate knack for destruction. Your quest is to save humanity from an encroaching threat while discovering the mysterious story behind it all. Explore the wonderful procedurally-generated universe to the soothing tunes of the game’s original soundtrack. The game’s built-in photo mode will likely keep you snapping pictures for hours to come. Fans of games like Journey and Flower (with a little added destruction and mayhem) will find a lot to love here.

Here are a few extracts from the game’s user reviews:

“Jettomero is one of those rare games that managed to perform this magic trick-like thing. Most games need to grow on me. Jettomero didn't. Instead, it instantaneously made me feel home. I launched the game, saw, heard, read, clicked a little, and there I was, already in a state of euphoric cosiness.”

“10/10 Would go an an existential journey through space while accidentally levelling small cities again. A small, soulful and genius few hours. Don't expect any deep or complicated gameplay; just fun. Kickass soundtrack and amazing art. Is it too early to ask for a sequel?”

“One of the most beautiful and charming games ever made.”

“An absolute gem of a game to play--Jettomero doesn't take long to dive into, nor is it too deep.”


 Crytivo’s Take

“Jettomero fills you with childlike wonder, caressing your senses with both its visual and audio splendour.”


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