The Universim: Beast Hunter Patch V 0.0.24 is now Live!

It’s that beautiful time of the month once more! The Universim is even more glorious and filled with life than ever, thanks to our latest and greatest patch, Beast Hunter.

In this patch, we are finally releasing the Hunting System. However, we ask that you keep in mind that it is not fully implemented yet. There will be quite a bit more to add and tweak as we go. The foundation is all here, though, which allows you to construct the Hunters Hut and place a few traps around. Let’s see what prey your hungry, barbaric Nuggets can scrounge up. This new system can be a true gift for the early portions of the game. Food for everyone!

The next step from here is to add animal retaliation. Right now, animals are passive and will not attack back. In the near future, animals will be able to analyse the situation and see if their best chance of survival is to run or fight back. There will also be random animal attacks on the village, which will require the construction of Guard Towers to keep the area safe.

We are also rolling out video tutorials with a beautiful voiceover that may just blow your socks off. At the moment, the tutorial will start playing when you open the Creator Power panel for the first time. We will continue adding tutorials similar to this across the entire game. Let us know what you think! Here, check it out Here

We’ve got other great goodies, too!

Iron Mine

Welcome to the Iron Mine. Collect your pickaxe and report to the nearest rock for further instructions. While Iron is certainly a magnificent find for your civilization, you’re going to have a hard time finding ways to use it at the moment. You can mine as much as you like, but the main system is still on its way. It will be used to far greater extent in our upcoming patch V0.0.25. That’s when we start rolling out the updated residential buildings.

Fire and Wind

What a destructive combo! The scary new system is here. Fire can start at any time, whether it’s from a lightning strike or extreme heat in certain climates. Based on the speed and direction of the wind, the fire will spread and incinerate anything in its path, including your unfortunate civilization. If only there was a god out there who could put an end to this madness! Like, drop a rain cloud overhead or change the direction of the wind. That would be great. Remember that trees are directly tied to the global climate and oxygen levels. Fewer trees means less clean air and higher temperatures. Save the trees!


Performance tweaks and optimizations

We’ve also done some rather fiery technical optimizations as well. We now perform object culling a little better and improved some of the materials (3d model skins) to increase performance. That said, it is very experimental, so we really need your opinions on whether or not the performance has improved. Let us know how you feel about general performance and how it stacks up to other games.

Our biggest performance hog isn’t necessarily related to graphics. There are hundreds of simulations occurring in the game every second. Some you can see, others are a little more in the backend. For example, rain increases the amount of fish and water in the water bodies on the planet. It also grows fruit on bushes and can extinguish fires. All of these systems added together are very complex. Our team is constantly trying new things to improve every aspect of the game. Be sure to let us know what you think of systems and performance after every patch.


Alex Feer

  • [Bugfix] NRE on loading saved games
  • [General] Improved spawning positions for stone chunks
  • [General] Improved spawning positions for trees
  • [Culling] Improvements in culling system with shadows
  • [General] Introduction of Fire Spreading system
  • [Bugfix] Trees, stones, bushes clear node walkability when cleared in construction yard
  • [General] Introduction of Terrain Deformation system
  • [Bugfix] Nuggets were stuck inside buildings
  • [Culling] Nuggets culled properly when they are inside buildings
  • [Bugfix] New residential blocks placing correctly


  • - Animal Traps
  • - Nuggets drowning in construction zones near water fixed.
  • - Stats affecting Nugget AI
  • - Added Hunters Hut prefabs
  • - Hunters Hut traps and trap AI
  • - Hunters Hut UI code
  • - Fire spreading
  • - Fire cannot be stopped by the rain fixed
  • - Fire does not destroyed the building fixed
  • - Fire spread affected by wind force
  • - Tree models during fire
  •  -Staged actor-based burning code for all burnable objects
  • - Evolution Tower burning down
  • - Destroying buildings with fire causes multiple AI issues fixed
  • - Seasons panel wind speed and temperature coding
  • - Trickle effect spawns Thundercloud
  • - 1st Generation Nuggets die of thirst fixed
  • - Added shore buildings to the automatic placement feature
  • - Added PAX settings key
  • - Graphics settings freezing fixed
  •  -Created a generic ghoster
  • - Added destroyed tree ghoster
  • - Carousel displaced when camera moved
  • - Creator Power Carousel not showing correctly
  • - Carousel should not open on Esc Menu
  • - Carousel visual bugs fixed
  • - Implemented Iron Mine building
  • - God Light working during daylight fixed
  • - New star system
  • - Stars no longer rotating fixed
  • - Stars save and load properly
  • - Made stars clickable
  • - Stars info added ( colonization possibility, life... )
  • - [R&D] Reviewed pre-medieval buildings ( All new building prefabs )
  • - 1st new couple not spouses fixed
  • - If date takes too long to come, date is cancelled
  • - Fixed Fishermen standing on the ground but continuing to fish
  • - Optimized tree and stone physics
  • - Misplaced input unregisterings fixed
  • - NRE after loading saved game fixed
  • - Nuggets highlighting issue fixed
  • - Matchmaking NRE fixed
  • - Added show/hide Nuggets inside buildings ( Nugget culling in buildings)
  • - Added special cloud types ( rainy, storm_only and clear )
  • - NRE and stuck Nuggets after "strange"  message of Nugget death fixed
  • - Added windforce to UI
  • - Depleted water has no effect on the fishing hut & fauna fixed
  • - Underground buildings fix
  • - God Light has zero Light [2017.3.0p3] fixed
  • - Update narration sequence branch to v24
  • - NRE fixed when picking up trees or rocks
  • - Gravedigger fishing for dead in the water fixed
  • - Weather bar does not expand if no water available
  • - Jolt of Joy Creator Power uses too many Creator Points
  • - Optimized tree clicking colliders
  • - NRE on Graveyard burn fixed
  • - Nugget stuck in Forecast Tower blowing horn fixed
  • - All Nuggets stuck in bunkers fixed
  • - Fixed main menu sound issue and allows for muting
  • - NRE spamming causing Nuggets to freeze in place fixed
  • - Save game shows UI in screenshot fixed
  • - Removed foreach loops from cloud code
  • - Added stone and tree collisions on Nuggets when dropped
  • - Added stone and tree collisions on buildings when dropped
  • - Creator Powers menu ( button in main ui code )
  • - Fixed Pump disappearing after upgrade
  • - Building upgrade issues after Save & Load fixed
  • - Cancel button in Farm UI not working fixed
  • - Automated benchmarking base setup
  • - Fixed save not showing after automatic saves
  • - Cemetery NRE fixed
  • - Zoom sensitivity fixed
  • - Wrong alarm time in prediction fixed
  • - Jolt of joy not working fixed
  • - Save/Load game does not keep the upgrade progress fixed
  • - PAX tweaks added
  • - Added UIPanelType to the BuildingConfig
  • - Fixed issue with dead Nuggets sucking up performance
  • - GhostHighligher is not pooled correctly fixed
  • - Optimized tornado to use distance check instead of collider
  • - Water: tried to replace triggers with distance check for water 
  • - Reworked Nugget name generator
  • - Pumps can be placed over each other when they are construction site fixed
  • - Options on Audio Settings for Narrator
  • - Cleared/deleted all unused plugins
  • - Wrong Nugget shown in bunker when Nugget is out
  • - Fixed building explosion cloud draw order issues
  • - Fixed tree leaf draw order issues
  • - Binded each tree to the oxygen level
  • - Warning - no config for Creator Power Recover fixed
  • - Tornado on pause shakes fixed
  • - Fixed draw order on falling leaves
  • - Added water tank dependence on temperature
  • - Removed any reference (use) of Camera.main in our code base
  • - Thoughts: added era condition
  • - Wolf animation warning fixed
  • - Alarm sometimes playing when there are no disasters fixed
  • - Paddle accessory not on correct position in Nugget’s hands fixed
  • - Fish visuals in Stone Age Fishing Hut not on correct positions fixed
  • - Ghoster shoots to center of screen with right click fixed
  • - When left and right mouse button are clicked, camera moves for no reason fixed
  • - School UI icon remains fixed
  • - Lake shows through rainbow fixed
  • - Pyre firewood floating above Pyre fixed
  • - Hunters Hut UI menu not disappearing when placing traps fixed
  • - Creator Remote / Make Rain actually causes leaves to fall fixed
  • - Windstorm start says Unknown fixed
  • - Lakes showing though windstorm and clouds fixed
  • - Engineer animations fixed
  • - Tweaked wood and stone refinery animations 
  • - Fixed mating hearts fx prefab
  • - Evaporation fx in water tank remain when building is destroyed fixed
  • - Fish depletion in lakes now based on water percentage
  • - Sea life save and load fixed
  • - Fixed Nugget ghost stuck in air
  • - Fixed ProcessBuildingCreationCoroutine stuck when placing huts
  • - Fixed ragdoll death issue that produced standing dead Nuggets
  • - New code for IsAlive Nugget check
  • - Fixed Fisherman not entering hut: Showing no water



  • Narrator system (currently disabled).
  • Resources Panel (new panel on MainHud for player selecting resources to show)
  • Benchmark & reporting system.
  • Nuggets skin tone heritage.
  • AlienFX integration. Bound to day/night and nugget alarm.

  • Nugget on amusement building check changed to fix issue with thirst effect. Tornado now uses right effect.
  • Fix for texture quality default setting.
  • Fixed issue with Huts on building list panel.
  • Fixed missing localizations for delete and overwrite confirmations on Archive panel.
  • Fixes and improvements to stat effects from occupation buildings. Fixes for injury.
  • Fix for infection not affecting health. Also fixed debug panel injury.
  • Fixed upgrade panel auto-opening not animating properly. Fixed animator issue on auto-opening.
  • Fixes and improvements to research perks and effects. (Worked long with Sasha)
  • Fix for Warehouse upgrade restoring resources before setting correct capacity.
  • Fix for compiler error, removing UnityEditor namespace calls left in the class Benchmark.
  • Farm fix for issue about losing stored goods when upgraded.
  • Fix for exception thrown when scrolling on building list panel.
  • Several fixes and improvements to nugget list panel.
  • Neutral Trait Fix: Fixed exception for inherited neutral trait. Added design logic for parents genes viability: parent chance, parent existence, allowed inheritance of neutral if the case. New chance value added to DB.
  • Fix for Nugget panel issue broken after update to Unity 2017.3.1.p1
  • Fix for preventing God powers menu to be used before placing evo tower.
  • Fix for Video screen to respect music mute previous status.
  • Fix for UI keys working while on ESC menu (Unregistered input actions from UIController).
  • Fix for preventing building multiple Archive buildings.
  • Fix for outdated refill rate shown on well panel and ghoster.
  • Fixes to multiple localization issues.
  • Fixed issue with new logo screen when time scale set to 0. Tweaked times to match new logo video.
  • Fixed flickering on nugget list panel when filters or search are active.
  • Fix for missing tooltip for traits.

  • Optimization: StatEffect class changed to struct. (later rolled back, as it was not working as reported by A. Feer.)
  • UI Optimization R&D. Some small optimization changes to script. Merging some UI canvas splitting tests on nugget list panel prefab.
  • UI Optimization: Nuggets and Buildings panels Scroll Lists optimizations.
  • UIController script optimizations. Changed TickablePanels to list type. Removed custom inspector and related fields. Implemented IEqualityComparer for UIPanelType to avoid boxing allocations on the UIController keyed dictionary.
  • ResearchStatsOffsets class optimizations for memory allocations.
  • UI Optimization, TooltipManager: Added a Canvas with an overriden sort order for tooltips to handle correctly splitted canvases.
  • Optimization: Keeping list of canvases for hiding/showing MainHud properly.

  • Replaced Crytivo logo video with new version. Moved all videos from streamed to videoclip, transcoded VP8. Re-enabled videos on mac and linux.
  • Added multipurpose video panel screen. Added tutorial video for first time player clicks on god power menu.
  • Added modal mode to video player screen, and using it for god powers tutorial (nothing will available for player until he closes the video screen).
  • Added new "only one" option to building config for locking building on menu after one has been built.
  • Added Language settings to the storage file persistence.
  • Added Russian language from localization docs into the game dictionary.
  • Disabled Creators Mode option for the time being.

  • Project code changes: game default settings are loaded on Unity launch.
  • ConfigInfo and PropertiesInfo streamlined use, refactored.
  • Renamed Game.Debug namespace into Game.Dbg.
  • Changes to Stat class.
  • Added debug option to fill upgrade resources.
  • Fixed exception when trying to debug completed upgrade construction site
  • Updated rewired asset. Normalized use of input to rewired input handler. Refactored Creator Power scroll menu to iTickablePanel.
  • Fix for loading texture quality settings using correct and same values in unity and in-game.
  • Russian Translation setup & import test.
  • Maintenance. Removed missing biome configs. Added missing effects to global save list. Updated StatEffectConfigs list.
  • Video Tests: created separate unity project, built apps for testing different setups, sent to qa test, extended test group. Determined working setup for videos.
  • Added new Language category for russian to I2Loc package.
  • Updated I2 Localization plugin, ported data, fixed issues with latest version. Installed new web service version.
  • Imported tool to manage PlayerPrefs.

  • Removed building colliders (where obsolete)
  • [R&D] Moved all update calls to one place (code optimization)
  • [R&D] Nuggets optimization:
  • Several optimizations on code level
  • Started working on new shader/material that uses baked animations (wip)
  • Started working on tools for the Nuggets' baked animations (wip)
  • Make a dictionary for buildings (by type) - code level optimization for accessing different type building lists.
  •  [R&D] Optimize scaffolds (using instancing):
  • New shader/material
  • Removed fit to surface, adjusted/optimized code
  • Implemented: Nugget must be assigned to Forecast Tower to enable alarm button
  • [R&D] Optimized buildings (using instancing):
  • New shader/materials for all buildings eras
  • Adjusted all Stone Age buildings
  • Adjusted few Pre-Medieval buildings
  • Adjusted Medieval buildings
  • [R&D] Optimized flags (using instancing):
  • New shader/material for Stone Age and Medieval Flags
  • Adjusted prefabs
  • Fixed: Wrong pump points occupied by shore buildings
  • Fixed: Editor prevents changes to Min / Max Fertility Timer
  • [R&D] Optimize stone chunks (using instancing)
  • New shader/material
  • Adjusted prefabs
  • Fixed: Climate manager (temperature) is not initialized before Evolution Tower is placed
  • Extended/Improved animal system:
  • Spawning animals depending on fauna config 
  • Added several new params (like has cubs, has pack, pack size)
  • Implemented Animal AI (idle, run, trap)
  • Refactored birds to use new animal AI
  • [R&D] Animal material/prefabs (for all animals):
  • Prepared baked animation textures
  • Prepared new baked meshes/prefabs
  • Prepared new materials
  • Implemented ragdolls
  • Fixed: Mines and refineries AI stuck when re-assigned to same building type
  • Fixed: Climate manager IndexOutOfRange exception (optimized how climate map is created)
  • [R&D] Skinned meshes optimized (baked animations system):
  • Created system to use baked animation instead of skinned animation
  • Prepared tools for baked animation textures and meshes
  • Updated material for fishing boat (Fishing boat missing texture)
  • Fixed: NRE when Nugget is killed in a boat
  • Removed UnityEditor references from new baked animation tools (main could not be built because of this)
  • Fixed: A case when animals get stuck on buildings
  • Hunting:
  • Hunter AI
  • Hunters Hut (Material/Prefabs)
  • Hunting animal AI
  • Bringing back prey AI
  • Adding required code/prefabs related to Nugget animation, AI, accessories
  • Hunting experience implemented
  • Fixed: NRE when placing evo tower
  • Save (export) entire scene into assets
  • [R&D] Resource piles (optimization)
  • New shader/material (using instancing)
  • Adjusting building prefabs that used old piles as props
  • Fixed: "Farm" Dying crop staying in the Growing state
  • Fixed: NRE when loading a game (related to animal controller)
  • Fixed: NRE when having a Forecast Tower and save/load
  • Fixed: NRE when loading actors on deformed terrain
  • Fixed: diamond hole in the well mesh for construction and built structure (due to a bug in new building shader)
  • Fixed: No whales spawned (bug in new spawning system)
  • Fixed: birds are not moving (new animals AI)
  • Fixed: Turtle pathing issues (new animals AI)
  • Prepared materials for traps (using instancing)
  • Exposed AI properties related to thirst into DB
  • Fixed: Well construction prefab
  • Fixed: A case when Nuggets were walking with chopping/building animations
  • Fixed: NRE when saving animals (due to new system)
  • Finished Animal traps:
  • Adjusted building traps AI
  • Adjusted animals going into traps AI
  • Extended bring prey AI to also consider animals from traps
  • [R&D] Trees instancing tests
  • Fixed: farm using water when crops in withering state.
  • Hunters Hut UI (everything related to hunting & experience)
  •  Other (done during other tasks as a requirement/dependence):
  • Fixed time attribute drawer
  • Implemented CustomMPB component (used for instancing)
  • New alignment for local paths, added a bool for “hide nugget at last waypoint”
  • Auto aligning flag pole
  • Moved local path methods from Nugget actor to pawn actor
  • Cleaned a few unused layers. Created a tool to search game objects that use specific layers in assets folder
  • Tested “nodecanvas” asset for FCM (it is slow)
  • Upgraded project to 2017.3.0p3 and fixed update issues
  • Lakes have ref to water nodes and to their water animals
  • Removed UAB plugin, Cleared build settings from invalid items
  • Updated project to unity 201731p1 and fixed update issues
  • Removed redundant MonoBihaviour SoundTypes, use Soundtype enum directly. Adjusted all references accordingly.
  • Removed startup script from ProTips plugin that was adding empty scenes to build settings

  • Sebastian 
  • Fixed upgrades panel position in Farm panel.
  • StoneAge status flags instancing. Model was updated and new texture was made to use only one cloth for all the flags. Animations made from scratch, implementation.
  • UI optimization - turning off generating mipMaps for UI atlases. We are looking at them only from one fixed distance.
  • MainUI bottom bar modification to hold new resources window.
  • Prepared Fir tree billboard LOD version for tests - few versions.
  • All resources after coding tweaks - location, animation, anchoring.
  • UI optimization - Moved Nugget traits and education icons to main atlas, updated missing links in DB. Turned off unnecessary raycasters in mainUI.
  • UI optimization - Nuggets list panel update - turned off unnecessary raycasters.
  • UI optimization - Moved all sprites from Creator Powers menu to main atlas - fixed broken links.
  • UI optimization - split mainHUD into 4 canvases - static, dynamic, seasons panel, panels root. This will prevent redrawing all elements when one thing changes.
  • MainHUD optimization - moved objects between canvases to reduce draw calls as much as possible.
  • UI optimization - Upgrades panel, forecast tower panel - split into 2 canvases - static and dynamic to reduce draw calls. Turned off unnecessary raycasters.
  • Status icons prefabs update - they hold different alpha value which was causing batch breaking and more draw calls.
  • Added canvas and graphic raycaster to all panes, cause after all UI optimizations they weren’t clickable.
  • UI optimization - Nugget ID card and evolution panel updates. Divided into canvases, turning off unnecessary raycasters, overall optimizations to reduce draw calls.
  • Fixed missing tutorial sprites.
  • Upgrades panel: fixed anchoring and animation tweak.
  • Nugget character traits tooltips weren’t displayed in Nugget list panel - fixed.
  • Added tooltips to Nugget education traits.
  • Creator Powers corner update. Removed greyout from button. Updated Creator Powers access button to show carousel.
  • Creator Powers menu and construction menu were in different position after game load - fixed anchoring and position.
  • Modified seasons panel anchoring and position, re-added disaster icons - they were missing after atlas merge.
  • Stone Age buildings optimization - separated cloth parts from others - Cowsmetics, Hair Saloon, Lizard Candy, Massage Palace.
  • Fixed MainUI current research circles - they weren’t showing tooltips, time, and weren’t clickable.
  • Adjusted Nuggets list panel position on the screen - people reported it was displayed too low.
  • Settings menu fixed - after changing settings there was missing text about some changes needing a restart of the game.
  • Added Hunters Hut name and description to the DB - localized.
  • Building optimization - Stone Age crematory- split cloth parts from the rest - reimported model.
  • MainMenu draggable component NRE fixed.
  • Added missing sprite in news for Crops withering in the cold.
  • Medieval status flags - model high poly, retopology, uv, baking maps, painting texture, painting vertices, animations, import, updated texture array. Prepared for instancing so only one cloth mesh will display all flags.
  • PreMedieval building optimization - separated cloth parts from the rest of elements in buildings: Pyre, Warehouse, Constructors Hut, Bunker, Water well, Water Pump, Archive.
  • Hospital UI panel fix. Background was resized - it was way too big, don’t know how that happened.
  • Optimized medieval flags animations to use only two instead of three.
  • Stone Age crematory reimport model with updated paint of verts for construction.
  • Small animal trap - High poly model, retopology, uv, baking maps, painting texture, reassemble, painting vertices, animations and import. Added to new texture array for traps.
  • Medium animal trap - High poly model, retopology, uv, baking maps, painting texture, reassemble, painting vertices, animations and import. Added to new texture array for traps.
  • Hunters Hut - High poly model, retopology, iv, baking maps, painting texture, reassemble, painting vertices and import. Updated texture array.
  • Bunker flag cloth separation from rest of the parts - part of buildings optimization.
  • GameUIcontroller fix. Black overlay after logo reveal wasn’t covering whole screen - fixed bad anchoring.
  • New Nugget status icons added to atlas - Nugget going to Iron Mine and Nugget going to Hunters Hut.
  • Iron Mine name and description added to the DB and localization doc.
  • Added localization for missing Nugget status - Going to iron mine.
  • Added localization for missing Nugget job - metal miner.
  • Added missing localization for cause of death when Nugget was thrown into water.
  • Missing localization for Hunter Job added to the doc.
  • Iron Mine construction menu render added to the atlas - updated DB.
  • Animal panel implementation - prepare sprites, reassembled panel in Unity. Added localization, tooltips and sounds.
  • Hunters Hut panel design - designed 2,5 panels before it was good and ready for implementation.
  • Hunters Hut implementation - preparing sprites, reassembling panel in Unity, created animations, added localization, tooltips and sounds.
  • Hunters Hut - another part of implementation - forgot to add few things like locked items for traps, animals. Updated main atlas.
  • Fixed missing water mesh in Pre-Medieval Well.
  • Designed seasons panel to display wind speed. Reorganized position of elements.
  • Seasons panel updates implementation. Prepared sprites, reassembled panel in Unity. Updated mainUI and main atlas.
  • New resource piles models. High poly sculpts - retopology, uv, texture painting, vertices painting. Setting up new texture array for all of them. 
  • Imported new resource piles for: food, stone, refined stone, wood, refined wood, iron, herbs. Updated all resource prefabs with new meshes.
  • Added new resource piles in Stone Age Eatery.
  • Settings menu - added language selection in settings menu.
  • Updated alerts and general button prefabs to hold localization, set up font best fit and max and min values.
  • Animal card: updated title to hold localization.
  • Archive panel modified text field components for localization. Turned off unnecessary raycasters as a part of UI optimization.
  • Archive save item localization update.
  • Building list panel update for localization - tweaked layout - removed not necessary image components. Turned off raycasters.
  • Cemetery UI text fields update for localization - tweaked size of the title text component. Turned off raycasters that were unnecessary.
  • Construction information panel update to hold localization.
  • Construction menu update for localization. Turned off unnecessary raycasters.
  • Engineers Hut localization update. Added missing localization key. Updated text fields and layout.
  • Couriers Hut - modified title text field size - updated rest of the text fields with font best fit. Set up max and min values.
  • Eatery UI all text fields update to hold localization.
  • Evolution tower added missing keys to localization doc. Updated rest of the text fields with best font fit.
  • Farm panel - Updated all text components to hold localization. Found a few missing localization keys.
  • Construction information panel tweak. Added new localized buttons.
  • Added missing Nugget statuses for Prayer Enclave - go to prayer and pray.
  • Added missing localization for hunting system. Statuses for: go to hunters hut, preparing for hunt, hunting, bringing prey, going after prey.
  • Added description for Fire name and description to Creator Powers. Updated DB.
  • Added Iron Mine render for cloud in construction menu.
  • Hunters Hut panel update - added few new sprites for ‘onHover’ action, updated main atlas, added missing animations. Added first part of missing icons.
  • Metal mine UI added missing localization keys.
  • Fishing hut localization improvements. Updated all text fields to hold localization. Added missing keys.
  • Forecast tower localization update. Updated title width to hold more than 15 characters.
  • Creator Powers menu text fields update for localization. Turned off unnecessary raycasters.
  • Hospital UI updated all text fields to hold localization. Added missing keys.
  • Local business panels localization update. Added some missing keys after russian document import.
  • Lumber mill updated text fields for localization. Changed title text field size to hold more than 15 characters.
  • MainUI text fields update for localization.
  • Metal mine panel localization update. Tweaked also some UI parts positions.
  • MainUI news log panel text fields update to hold localization. Added missing key for title.
  • Nugget ID card update text fields for localization. Found a few missing keys. Turned off unnecessary raycasters.Tweaked position of some elements.
  • Nuggets list panel text fields update for localization. Layout changed a bit. Added missing keys.
  • Hunters hut render implementation for construction menu cloud.
  • Hunters hut research perk added description, name and effects to localization doc. Updated DB
  • Hunting perk added missing icon to atlas, updated DB.
  • Hunters hut - added all missing icons for: 3 types of traps and construct trap button. Swapped ifon for ‘place trap’ button.
  • Hunters fut finishing touches - missing localization for tooltips, tweaked animation for Cancel buttons. Updated text fields for localization, turned off unnecessary raycasters.
  • Patch name change from El Patchino to Beast Hunter.
  • Hunters Hut construction menu icons implemented. Updated atlas and DB.
  • Implemented Fire Creator Power icons. One for regular Creator Powers menu and second for carousel.
  • Iron Mine - imported final version of icons. Panel is complete.
  • Added iron icon to the DB as another resource type.
  • MainUI alpha version text overlap fix. Fixed not clickable links in news history log panel.
  • Updated Iron Mine building prefabs with new model - there was error on vertex paint. 
  • Missing localization for School building name and description bug.

  • Updated accessories texture array by adding Nugget mummy textures there.
  • Fixed shaman seeds resources textures and added them to accessories texture array.
  • Redesigned Eatery accessories and added textures to accessories texture array.
  • Created Medieval Iron Mine high poly model sculpt.
  • Optimized high poly Iron Mine model for the game by making retopology.
  • Organized UV islands for optimized Medieval Iron Mine model.
  • Baked the maps for Medieval Iron Mine model to be used for texturing.
  • Textured the Medieval Iron Mine model.
  • Added animated actions to Medieval Iron Mine: cart slide in/ out, wheel spinning.
  • Optimized Stone Age Shaman hut by extracting parts of the model that are using alpha channel.
  • Optimized Stone Age Eatery building.
  • Changed Stone Age Warehouse building in order to optimize it.
  • Stone Age Fishing Hut optimized and changed its position towards shore level.
  • Stone Age Construction Hut model was changed regarding to optimisation conditions.
  • Optimized Stone Age Archive building.
  • Bear model was replaced with another version that has painted vertices in green channel to match its textures to the animal's texture array.
  • Bird models were optimized.
  • Optimized Bear model LOD groups and reorganized them according to the new polycount.
  • Changed polycount for Fox model and reorganized LOD groups.
  • Mammoth model mesh was optimized by reorganizing LOD groups and changing vertex color.
  • Turtle model mesh was optimized by changing the LOD groups order and polycount.
  • Reorganized LOD groups for Whale model and changed its vertex color in order to optimize it.
  • Wolf model mesh was changed according to optimization conditions by changing vertex color and reducing the polycount of the model.
  • Deer model geometry changed with a view to change the polycount and reduce amount of LOD groups.
  • Deer female model optimized according to male example.
  • Stone Age Cemetery model was modified to optimize it.
  • Forecast Tower was reorganized and changed in order to optimize it.
  • Created a new skeleton for mammoths with more bones in it. Rigged Mammoth model mesh to a new skeleton.
  • Changed Mammoths walking animation according to new skeleton.
  • Created running animation for Mammoth model with new skeleton.
  • Created attacking animation for Mammoth.
  •  Added new idle animation for Mammoth.
  • New animation for Nugget ‘throwing spear’ was created.
  • Animation for ‘Jumping’ Nugget was added to reflect the happiness after successful hunting.
  • Pre-Medieval Farm building was optimized to improve the performance.
  • Pre-Medieval Cemetery model was changed in order to optimize it.
  • Model optimization was made for the Pre-Medieval Hospital by extracting the parts from it that use alpha channel.
  • Pre-Medieval Eatery model scale issue fixed.
  •  Pre-Medieval Stone Refinery model LOD groups and Modular versions optimized.
  • Animation changed for Pre-Medieval Stone Refinery building.
  • Wood Refinery Pre-Medieval model optimized. Scale issue fixed.
  • Animation replaced for Pre-Medieval Wood Refinery building.
  • New Accessories for Hunters- Nuggets assigned to the Stone Age Hunters Hut- were made.
  • Optimized Pre-Medieval School building model.
  • Changed the Pre-Medieval Fishing Pier model in order to optimize it. 
  • Changed the height above the shore level for the Pre-Medieval Fishing Pier.
  • Idle animation for Deers completed.
  • Walking animation added for Deers.
  • Running animation added for Deers.
  • Fox walking animation fixed according to the mesh changes. 
  • Running animation for Fox model is done.
  • Idle animation added for Fox model.
  • Fox ‘Ragdoll’ is set up in Unity and tested. 
  • New animation for ‘Running’ Nuggets added.
  • Added new animated actions for Bear model, such as Running.
  • Walking animation for the Bear model changed according to the mesh changes.
  • Idle animation added for the Bear model.
  • Updated ‘skinned mesh’ for Bear model. 
  • Set up the ‘Ragdoll’ for Bear model to use it with ‘Hunting’ system.
  • Replaced reference mesh of the Wolf model with improved version.
  • Improved animations for the Wolf model.
  • Set up the ‘Ragdoll’ for Wolf mesh in Unity to use when an animal dies during the hunting.
  • Created new animations for the Wolf model.
  • Deer model ‘Ragdoll’ set up in Unity to be used with hunting system.
  • ‘Ragdoll’ for Mammoth model implemented in Unity. 
  • Medieval Stone Mine model was optimized by extracting the parts that are using opacity in alpha channel.
  • Medieval Forester building was replaced with optimized version.
  • Medieval Residential Blocks Modular elements were redesigned and prepared for game optimization in order to improve the usage of uv space and polycount.
  • Created high poly sculpted versions of 112 elements for Medieval Residential Modular Blocks.
  • Retopologized all elements of the Medieval Residential Modular Blocks to prepare them for implementing.
  • Medieval Residential Modular Block elements UV islands organisation to prepare the meshes for the maps baking
  • Baking the maps (normal, ambient occlusion, curvature) for Medieval Residential Modular Blocks. 
  • Texturing Medieval Residential Modular Blocks basing on the baked maps. Created masks and albedo maps to be used with the shader.
  • Assembling Medieval residential Blocks parts forming the groups in order to use them with the building progress system.
  • Fixed Medieval Iron mine building progress by repainting the vertices in the blue channel.
  • Construction progress of Small Animals Trap was fixed by changing the value of the vertices color in the blue channel. 
  • Extracted the single stick from the Animal Trap model to be used as a construction site fencing.
  • Reimported animation for the Small Animal Trap model. 
  • Redesigned resources models for the Eatery building.
  • Retextured Eatery resource models.
  • Reorganized Shaman Hut resource models and textures to match the stockpile texture array.
  • Created Trees models for Alien Planet to be used in the trailer video. 
  • Redesigned Alien_03 (Alien Creature) mesh. 
  • Made retopology for Alien_03 (Alien Creature) mesh in order to optimize it for rigging.
  • Organized UV islands for the Alien_03 mesh to be able to bake the maps. 
  • Baked maps for the Alien_03 mesh (normals, ambient occlusion, curvature).
  • Textured Alien_03 mesh creating albedo and emission maps.
  • Rigged and skinned the Alien_03 mesh and prepared it for animation to be used in trailer.
  • Created art/card for St. Valentines day.
  • Rendered Medieval Iron Mine model image.
  • Created art to be used for the v24 patch notes.


  • Rebalanced water needs for each building. Water requirements decreased by 3x.
  • Rebalanced water pump output (80 -> 30)
  • Rebalanced Farm withering. Previously withering had no real impact on the food
  • Balanced wind system
  • Balanced Fire
  • Balanced Iron Mine  
  • “Enhanced Digging” Perk refill rate
  • increased up to 10. Well Refill Rate Speed increased from 0 -> 5
  • Infection from a dead body decreased by 20%
  • Disaster Time rebalanced. In order to improve overall player experience at this stage of the game, we decided to decrease the probability of disasters. It does not mean that you won’t encounter them, it just means that you will see them a little bit less frequently.
  • Building Huts got an increase in priority over other buildings.
  • Clouds / Lightning Strike changes. Since now fire can be started
  • by a lightning strike, we had to review our weather and add additional clouds
  • that won’t produce any lightning strikes in order to balance out the
  • probability of starting the fire
  • Balanced Nugget Heritage system
  • Rebalanced perk order in order to ensure a smooth gameplay due to addition of the Hunters Hut.
  • Heavy Lifting Blue perk was moved to the Green perk (Previously it was working as a placeholder and should have been a Green perk from the start)
  • Reviewed & Rebalanced the traits system in order to ensure that it works correctly with the previously changed stats system.
  • Rebalanced animal population
  • Other Work:
  • Translated the game into Russian Language
  • Addition of the new translation for previously missing strings in the document
  • Created a tutorial video for The Universim
  • Designed the document for the first quest (Currently not implemented)
  • Designed the document for the Mass Healing Creator Power (Currently in development. Need good particle effects for the system)
  • Designed the document for the Animals
  • Designed the document for Traps
  • Designed the document for the Hunting system
  • Researched and reported steps for multiple bugs in the new mechanics
  • Created Perk for Hunting
  • Designed the fish extinction system in order to ensure that we don’t have an issue where we have no water, but fishing hut is still working.
  • Worked on voice over for The Universim
  • Change of strings in “The Universim” (example: Farmer not present -> misleading string that potentially could confuse the players)
  • Worked on the star system (currently in development)

Another thing that we’re changed in this patch is the layout of the patch notes as you can see. Instead of categorizing everything based on features, we highlighted each individual developer’s work to show how much they do. We know that the game’s progress may look a bit slower than expected, but it honestly never feels slow to us. There is an insane amount of work going on. Considering our size, we are extremely proud of the progress we have made. We are getting close to our 4th year of development, and we can easily say that 80-90% of core systems are implemented.

The project was built from the ground up, with no existing assets being available to help us out. The team has done a phenomenal job of getting the game to where it is now. We are also constantly redesigning systems to ensure they are top-quality, based on the excellent feedback you provide. With your help, the game has improved tenfold. However, this is a very decisive year for The Universim. We are going live on Steam this year, which is enormously exciting considering we’ve hit over 250,000 wishlists. This has put a great burden on us to get things as smooth as possible. We have a huge responsibility to both you and future fans. We absolutely cannot let you all down. We want to exceed your expectations, but it’s never an easy road. We are extremely honored to have a community like yourselves. We love you and appreciate all of the support and positive comments you provide. 

We have also been hard at work with our amazing community on the translation of The Universim into more languages. In only a few days, The Universim has already been translated into German, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, French, and Russian. To test the waters, we are rolling out Russian language support in this patch. More languages will be added in our next patch. You can check out the progress and help translate the game into other languages here. If you’re a native speaker, we’re looking for great proofreaders to ensure that the translations are A+ material. The most active translators will be added to the game's credits! Thank you to everyone who's helped out so far. You're incredible!

Мы рады сообщить о том, что мы добавили Русский язык в игру. Вы можете переключить язык в Options. На данный момент перевод не является конечным и вы можете встретить ошибки, поэтому он будет всегда дорабатываться. Если вы найдёте неточность или ошибки, вы можете сообщить о них на форуме. Спасибо за вашу поддержку.

Please submit any bugs you encounter to our forums here


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