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Prehistoric Kingdom provides a modern take on the tycoon simulator genre, focused on the creation and management of your very own prehistoric-themed zoo. Once you’ve laid the groundwork and populated it with a large variety of extinct animals, you can open the gates to the public to astound guests from around the world.

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  • Single-Player
  • Windows
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Lead your zoo to success: experience challenging, detailed, and enjoyable management mechanics that will immerse you even more in the very world that you built.

Main features:

From the tyrannical Tyrannosaurus to the majestic Woolly Mammoth, Prehistoric Kingdom features a wide roster of 50 prehistoric animals. Both great and small in size, every creature is inspired by scientific research and interpretation – defined by their own unique growth process, behaviour and environmental needs.

Make use of an array of creative tools to build the park of your dreams! Place buildings and attractions like the Fast Food Kiosk and Viewing Platform to satisfy guest needs and give them a view. Customization has no ends!

Create enormous mountains or deep trenches with Terraforming! Edit the terrain height, paint lush vegetation, clutter, and ground textures from eight different climates! Make rivers or ponds with the water brush to satisfy the needs of different animals.

Lead your zoo to success: experience challenging, detailed, and enjoyable management mechanics that immerse you in the world that you built.

Blue Meridian is an independent team of developers from all around the world. They have joined forces to create their dream game, Prehistoric Kingdom. Prehistoric Kingdom will be released in Early Access for Windows in Q2, 2021.


Prehistoric Kingdom provides a modern take on the tycoon simulator genre, focused on the creation and management of your very own prehistoric-themed zoo. Once you’ve laid the groundwork and populated it with a large variety of extinct animals, you can open the gates to the public to astound guests from around the world.

Prehistoric Kingdom sets itself apart from the crowd by expanding on the ideas introduced in fan-favourite tycoon games, allowing fans to build their ultimate dream zoo in a refreshing setting. Creativity is key to crafting a vibrant and successful zoo, which is why the game is being developed with maximum customization in mind.

System Requirements:

  • Genre:

  • Simulation / Strategy
  • Languages:

  • English
  • Releases:

  • Alpha: Q1 2021
  • Beta: Q3 2021
  • Early Access: Q3 2021
  • Full Release: 2022
  • Rating:

  • Not yet rated
  • Minimum system requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64bit
  • Processor: Intel i3-4160/AMD Ryzen 3-1200
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: nVidia GTX 770 (2 GB)/AMD Radeon 7970 (2GB)
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 10 GB available space


DevLog #19 - July 2019

Welcome to July’s development update!

Progress is going better than ever behind the scenes, with some much-needed mechanics finally starting to take shape, making the current iteration of Prehistoric Kingdom feel more like the game we all expect. Last month we mentioned we might not have as many news due to the higher volume of work, but there are still many exciting things to uncover, so bear with us!

PAX West: Update

In case you’ve missed the last few updates, we’ll be attending PAX West from August 30th to September 2nd in Seattle with our publisher, Crytivo! As the opening day gets closer (tickets available here), Crytivo’s been sharing pictures of some of the merch and booth elements that’ll be found on the show floor; how exciting!  

Our perfect PAX banner! All it needs now is a dinosaur...

PAX Exclusive T-Shirts in production!

PAX West: Build

PAX attendees can expect to play a short slice of introductory gameplay designed to familiarise players with some of Prehistoric Kingdom’s exhibit creation tools.  

Taking the helm as the new park manager of an almost operational island, it’s your job to follow requests from the Board of Directors to successfully populate the park with a happy and healthy herd of Edmontosaurus.

As this is an exhibit-focused build and the first playable iteration with our current features, certain building categories will be disabled for the sake of streamlining the user experience at the convention.

Development Progress

Alongside continuing previously scheduled work, our programmers have been focused on completing specific requirements for PAX that also go towards meeting development milestones we set for future playable builds.

July oversaw the biggest development leaps with the management interface, but also animal locomotion and pathfinding, which are a massive upgrade from the respective demo’s systems.

As you also might notice in the graphic below, the "Pre-Alpha 2: Management" box got its color updated this month, as we worked on some of the management systems needed for the future.

Inverse Kinematics & AI Navigation

As you have probably gathered by now, much of this month’s development time was put into making our animals move around. Matt has always been vocal about updating the locomotion system of the demo, and he’s finally got a chance to shine - he laid the foundations for an all-around superior locomotion.

He implemented IK’s for both the animal’s limbs and heads, not only virtually removing any sort of sliding or shifting to the feet once in movement, but also allowing for a more believable ground adaptation. Moreover, animals can dynamically move their heads around points of interest, further adding to a life-like appearance.

While there is obviously much more work to be put into locomotion and overall AI, we hope you’ll enjoy this sample of what we’ve been doing. Even as a work in progress, this trumps anything we’ve done in the past on the matter.

Management: Inbox System & Offers

In charge of the core gameplay progression, Mau spent time working on some of the features needed for August’s PAX build - inbox and offers.

These are some of the first management features we started working on ahead of time, as they are vital to a park’s natural growth and spice the gameplay up with that extra edge of challenge. We have shown concept graphics for offers in the past, but now we managed to actually lay down the framework necessary to craft any kind of contract or offer in the future, in a very dynamic and customizable way. 

Equally as important, an inbox system allows the park owner to receive many kinds of notifications, ranging from the aforementioned offers, to dig results, forecast alerts, financial reports, and even rating increases. While not incredibly flashy in its current state, the system we built also allows for simple further implementation of different message types in the future.

Nearly 22 weeks since we began our species spotlights all of the 1-2 star creatures have been shown! Leading the next set of creatures with Ceratosaurus, the team hopes you’ve enjoyed the weekly journey so far.

Tropical Dry Foliage

The tropical dry climate is home to some iconic plant species that are going to make quite a few of your Jurassic animals always feel at home. 

Taking inspiration from the world’s great dry plains, we are sure you will recognize imposing trees such as the Acacia and the Baobab.

Building Models

Finishing off our structure list for Pre-Alpha 1, Nathan created the next observation-based attraction. Providing an elevated position for your guests to survey your park, the Lookout Tower provides a unique vantage point. 

Similarly, the Viewing Platform’s texture set was updated to better unify the two viewing attractions and conserve memory. Those with keen eyes may even spot the unique ammonite floor tiling!

This month Byron began work on creature sound redesigns, beginning with Edmontosaurus. With a completely reworked sound set, we can’t help but love the new sounds of our weird Hell Creek behemoth. 

Every so often we’ll be uploading small sound updates to our Facebook and Twitter accounts to show a selection of audio from a featured animal. Any reveals throughout the month will be recapped here, so don’t worry if you miss one!

Animal Redux

With few feathers ruffled, Cindy finished up the redux of our Oviraptor philoceratops! Featuring pronounced sexual dimorphism across males and females, this alleged “egg thief” (not guilty!) is a must-have for any startup park with its uniquely bird-like looks and movement.

Huge improvements were brought to the new Oviraptor model with drastic alterations to the skull and its feathers thanks to our new technique. Out of all the enhanced creatures shown so far, we personally feel that this is by far the most improved.

In the same vein, Gallimimus bullatus also received a much-needed update. As one of the earliest animals to be modelled, this fluffy ratite-like theropod underwent several upgrades across the project’s history. With our recent wave of animal updates, we thought it would be a good idea to give it one last revision, and with what results! Our beloved ‘chicken mimic’ got a brand new coat of feathers, and looks better than ever!

Created by 12Monkehs.

Created by Lis.

Created by TigeraRainbowra.


Thank you for reading July’s Devlog! 

August is going to be the month we show the world (although, on a more limited scale) one of the very first playable versions of what is eventually going to become the full build, so we have reasons to be both very excited and incredibly horrified (it’s gonna be fine, right?).

- The PK Team